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My Therapy Kit was founded to increase access and wellness in black and brown communities while decreasing stigmas regarding mental health.

Let us help you incorporate mental wellness into your life!

Stress and Anxiety Kit

Price: $45.00

Self-Discovery & Reflection Kit

Price: $60.00

Couples Kit Limited Edition

Price: $65.00

Depression Kit

Coming Summer 2021

My Therapy Kit was founded by a therapist based on her passion to promote positivity and growth while increasing access to therapeutic services to communities of color. Here at My Therapy Kit, we believe therapy is an intentional addition to your life. A commitment to you wanting to grow in love, care, and happiness. We also believe that everyone deserves to live happily and sometimes that happiness is dependent on what you bring into your life. So you know what, My Therapy Kit was created to bring these positive changes directly to you.

Each Kit's items are researched inspired box include therapeutic activities to promote wellness, self-care, and self-love. Each quarter is themed and has products that correspond with the theme. Kits include 8-12 products that work to produce more intentional life-changing habits. We firmly believe that each of you deserves to live YOUR BEST LIFE NOW, and we are here to supply you with the tools necessary to make that happen. So what are you wait for, Get your Kit Today!


***My Therapy Kit is not meant to replace traditional therapy but to supplement it. It also serves as a tool to aid in coping when traditional therapy is not accessible. If you find yourself continuously in distress please reach out to us for help.***

Join us for the Wellness Experience of the Year!

Healthy Mind Happy Life Wellness Expo happening 5/22/21

There will be vendors, panels, live entertainment, games, WINE and so much more! We'll be there, Will you?