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An innovative approach to destigmatizing mental health services in minority communities.


Stress & Anxiety Kit

Discover simple, calming tools to beat stress. From breathing and grounding techniques to guided meditation to coloring the box itself, you will be introduced to several therapist-approved coping mechanisms. Learn how to be in the moment, stay grateful, and dismiss worries.


Self-Discovery & Reflection Kit

Let's go on a journey. The goal? A greater understanding of self while releasing experiences that have hindered your growth. Complete self-directed activities and materials, uncover items to promote relaxation, and use the guided journal to assist in reflection and discovery. 


Couples Kit - Limited Edition

Calling couples who want to improve communication, enhance sensual connection, and create a deeper understanding. Your Kit includes four games and relaxation items, as well as workbooks and activities tailored to relationship growth. Go further with coupon codes for deeper and continued relationship work. 


Depression Kit Coming Soon

A first aid kit for depression. Feel better through breathing practices, self-compassion, meditation, social contact, and exercise and meal regimes. We'll help you through a self-awareness routine; you'll be able to have an honest look at yourself. This will help you talk it out with a trained mental health practitioner. 

The MTK Approach

Often finding help for mental health has been looked upon as a sign of weakness or instability. Think of My Therapy Kit as an introduction to therapy, for all and especially African-American individuals. 

We believe everyone needs self-help, yet self-care should not come with a hefty price tag. My Therapy Kit is made affordable-to-all, promoting positivity and mental wellness in an economically sustainable way. 

Each Kit is curated based on needs. So people can get centered and identify issues on their own times and their own terms. 

About Us

My Therapy Kit is the brainchild of Brianna Brazle, a licensed therapist who specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, suicidal ideation, acute psychosis, and mood disorders.

During the Covid pandemic, in April 2020, Brazle saw a gap in mental health care. Access to care was limited, plus the shame of seeking help caused people to suffer in silence.

Decorative Objects
I absolutely love My Therapy Kit's Stress & Anxiety Wellness Box because it goes so well with the 5-4-3-2-1 or five senses method to distract you from your anxious thoughts or anxious feelings.

Shevon Jones, LCSW

Founder & CEO

Mental Wellness Collective 

Getting Help

Therapist-curated Kits are delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Each My Therapy Kit address certain issues, and include 8-12 items that are well-researched - and often handmade.


Your journey to living a more intentional lifestyle can help with:


Anxiety &



Self Esteem & Improvement







My Therapy Kit is not meant to replace traditional therapy but to supplement it. It also serves as a tool to aid in coping when traditional therapy is not accessible. If you find yourself continuously in distress, please reach out to us for help; in an emergency, dial 911.