About Us

Meet the Founder

My Therapy Kit is the brainchild of Brianna Brazle, a licensed therapist with specializations in anxiety, depression, trauma, suicidal ideation, acute psychosis, and mood disorders. It was created as an introduction to the benefits of therapy and to reduce the stigma in seeking help for mental wellness. My Therapy Kits are self-care kits aiding therapeutic intervention to alleviate certain mental wellness issues.

How It All Started

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, April 2020, most communities were on lockdown. There was limited access to mental health care, plus, the shame of seeking help (even to oneself) caused people to suffer in silence. Brianna created My Therapy Kit as a supplement to therapy that individuals can easily access for self-care. By identifying the top 10 concerns or reasons people seek therapy, she was able to craft kits that aid an individual in alleviating symptoms. Each item in the My Therapy Kits is carefully curated using data from her own practice and other therapists.

My Therapy Kit’s Goal

The goal of My Therapy Kit is to supplement or serve as an introduction to therapy, for all and especially for African-American individuals. The stigma of finding help for mental health has been looked upon as a sign of weakness or instability. My Therapy Kit is beneficial in reducing the stigma, lessen or prevent the symptoms of mental issues, as well as improve self-care. Brianna’s experience and expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma treatments, and self-improvement are fully utilized in putting together the self-help kits.

Each variant is personalized to address specific issues. To expand the variant, she formed partnerships with other therapists for other mental problems. Some of the items are handmade by Brianna and her partners. The My Therapy Kits are crafted for relief and self-care to restore the sense of balance.

They were also made affordable to reach more individuals from different income brackets. Self-care should not come with a hefty price tag. Promoting positivity and mental wellness in an economically sustainable way.