Couples Kit

Calling couples who want to improve communication, enhance sensual connection, and create a deeper understanding. Your Kit includes four games and relaxation items, as well as workbooks and activities tailored to relationship growth. Go further with items for deeper and continued relationship work. 

Designed in collaboration with The Couples Wellness Spot, two marriage and family therapists, this kit has 15 items valued at over $250+!

What's in the Kit?

Promote Intimacy

Games to promote intimacy, growth, and communication whether leaving home with Dates Dice, or staying in with Massage and Kama Sutra Dice. 

Open Book

Couples Work

Deeper and tailored relationship growth work thanks to The Couples Communication Workbook.

Writing Letters

Love Letters

A collection of fill-in-the-blank letters and envelopes for the love of your life.

Hot Stone Massage


His and hers fidget kit complete with a grounding stone, sensory rings, and lava beads. 

Happy Couple

Conversation Starters

An activity for deeper communication and to remind why you love each other. 

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