Self-Discovery & Reflection

Let's go on a journey. The goal?


A greater understanding of self while releasing experiences that have hindered your growth. Complete self-directed activities and materials, uncover items to promote relaxation, and use the guided journal to assist in reflection and discovery.

What's in the Kit?
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Guided Journal

A 4-week journal. Use it as a guide to your self-awareness journey. 

Coffee and Lemon Cake

Affirmation Mug

Get into a daily schedule. Drink tea or coffee and remind yourself to repeat certain affirmations.

Reading a Book

Don't Panic 

Refer to your pocket panic book to identify repetitive, negative thought patterns - and see things in a different light. 


Get Grounded

Arm yourself with an aromatherapy bracelet, worry/grounding stone, fidget ring, and therapy putty

Provence Style Dinner Set

Hand-poured Candle 

Infused with medicinal properties. Light it intentionally, taking 2-3 deep breaths. 


Colored Calm

Coloring is a great way to calm down. Use this book with cute designs to take you away from the current moment.