Stress & Anxiety

Discover simple, calming tools to beat stress.


From breathing and grounding techniques to guided meditation to coloring the box itself, you will be introduced to several therapist-approved coping mechanisms. Learn how to be in the moment, stay grateful, and dismiss worries.

What's in the Kit?


Regulate breathing in times of stress with these exercises. 

Scented Candles

Set Intentions

Your hand-poured candle has medicinal properties for clarification. And, use the blank box to create a worry or stress box, designed by YOU! 

Polished Stones

Fidget Kit

DIscreet objects like a worrystone, lava beads, and a finger ring ground you, release endorphins, and ease anxiety. 



Use honey sticks in your tea or bite off the top for mindfulness and grounding. Putty functions like a stress ball to help with concentration. 

Beach Bar


Your spot of comfort a.k.a. the Beach in a Tin. Visualize yourself there, using your imagination to take a mini-vacation. 

Notebook and Pen

Gratitude Journal

Pocket journal so you can name things you're grateful for, acts of kindness, and reminder for reflection. 

Group of Friends