Therapy Kits

We believe therapy is an intentional addition to your life. A commitment to you wanting to grow in love, care, and happiness. We also believe that everyone deserves to live happily and sometimes that happiness is dependent on what you bring into your life. 


So you know what, My Therapy Kit was created to bring these positive changes directly to you.


By identifying the top 10 concerns or reasons why people seek therapy, we've crafted Kits that aid an individual in alleviating symptoms. Kits are delivered straight to your doorstep, so you can get centered and identify issues on your own time and terms.

Plus, you aren't locked into a subscription plan. Purchase your Kits as needed!

Woman Sitting on Roof
Stress & Anxiety Kit

Discover simple, calming tools to beat stress. From breathing and grounding techniques to guided meditation to coloring the box itself, you will be introduced to several therapist-approved coping mechanisms.


Learn how to be in the moment, stay grateful, and dismiss worries.

Self-Discovery & Reflection Kit

Let's go on a journey. The goal? A greater understanding of self while releasing experiences that have hindered your growth.


Complete self-directed activities and materials, uncover items to promote relaxation, and use the guided journal to assist in reflection and discovery. 

Cute Notebooks
Happy Couple
Couples Kit

Calling couples who want to improve communication, enhance sensual connection, and create a deeper understanding.


Your Kit includes four games and relaxation items, as well as workbooks and activities tailored to relationship growth. Go further with coupon codes for deeper and continued relationship work.